Making a House a Home

Dear Reader,

I’m finally working on my Step 2- I’m learning to get over my fear of not doing something because of what other people may think, what I feel intimidated by, or what I tell myself to believe about who I am as a person. I had this conversation the other night with my sisters, and wrote in my lifestyle about it — you can read that here.


After moving into our new home, my husband and I have been able to put our home together. The themes that run through our living room is a lot of gold accents. I love the ambiance in our main area and how cozy it makes our little apartment feel. Our bedroom has a warm, but calming atmosphere with the gray and blue tones we have throughout the space. with  Here are some of the pieces I’ve decorated with in our home and where you can purchase them!

bedroomThe goals we wanted for our bedroom was to have a cool, calming space with a lot of blues and grays. Our bedroom set was a wedding present from my sweet in-laws, and we purchased the suite from Rooms to Go!

  1. Target – $1, $3, $5 section! Similar Here
  2. Target
  3. Target
  4. Rooms to go — the “” style

I wanted a living room with as much “cooling” details as possible, but include a warm touch of blacks and gold metallic throughout the space. Here’s where we got some of the pieces in our space!

  1. Target – similar hereliving-room
  2. Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  3. Target (This is the bridge where Ryan and I took engagement pictures at!)
  4. Hobby Lobby
  5. Denton Dime Store – Love this company!




As we have finished assembling our home and finally got our laptop fixed, I am ready and very excited to add Step 2 to my minimalist, plus size journey. I’ll be posting that shortly, but for now, take care, and stay cozy during these next winter weeks.

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Not What I Expected

Dear Reader,

It’s been three months since my last post, though it feels like a year.

Our apartment is still under construction with all the moving and then immediately jumping back into a full-time job and school. And after three solid months, today is the first weekend since we’ve been married that we don’t have anything to do.

So it wasn’t what I expected.

Marriage is better and harder than I thought it would be, but it’s a beautiful process overall. I switched jobs recently and that has been such a challenging yet rewarding experience. Our house doesn’t have a minimalist vibe whatsoever, but it’s ours, so I love it regardless.

I’m learning that while minimalism is important, it’s not the end goal. The goal is to live well with my husband and live well with our community.

I still see a huge opportunity for minimalism for plus size women, so I’m planning on documenting today’s experience. My husband and I will be putting our apartment together and possibly selling furniture. Our space is a very small two bedroom, and I hope to show you that it is possible to live well in a small space. My hope is to get all of my fall staples out and start planning outfits. Because my job setting requires business attire, that will be the bulk of my fall collection.

I’m also going to be unveiling our wedding photos today, and I am VERY excited to be able to do that!

I’m also planning on doing some fall decorating in our apartment once we tame it, so I am looking forward to today’s challenges. Pray for us — we are going to need it. 😉

Until Then,


My Plus Size Experience: Being a Bride



I am officially 10 days away from being a Mrs. And while I’ve never been more excited and anxious about anything in my life, I have to admit, this has also been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.

So many seasons have blurred together at once: I graduated, I’m working full time, and I’ve moved into a new apartment that Ryan will soon be joining me in. As this 8 month process is winding down, here’s my honest advice on engagement.


  1. Let yourself be happy

    I remember when I first got engaged someone told me “Make sure that you let yourself be happy on your wedding day.” I thought Of course I’m going to let myself be happy! Why wouldn’t I?
    It’s only now that I realize what she meant: things are going to go wrong, and you have to let those little things go in order to enjoy this big, beautiful thing happening right in front of you: a marriage that is only just beginning.

    *Advice: Talk to your MOH and bridal party about all of the details and special preferences, then let it go. It’s their job to help you, so let them! Your job is to pop some champagne and enjoy the day with your groom. 😉

  2. Let yourself feel sexy

    When I first went wedding shopping, I wanted a dress that had short sleeves. I didn’t want strapless because I struggle to love my body, in particular, my chest. When I left David’s Bridal after picking my dress, I realized my biggest weakness is not loving my body and my curves because I don’t feel like I am allowed to. At the beginning of my appointment I was pretty strict on what I wanted, but as my mother and I forged through the land of unforgiving white fabrics, our assistant found a dress that I would not have tried on had he not suggested it.”Do you trust me?” he said. It was strapless, and I thought it wouldn’t work, but I would give it a shot. I let the Ole Cassini dress fall over me, the mermaid style and precious lace embellishments were astounding. The buttons flowed from the top of the dress to the very last inseam at the bottom. The satin wrapped around me like water; fluid, but mesmerizing.I looked in the mirror, and I saw this sexy, confident woman, whose curves are undeniably beautiful. And you know what? They were beautiful before I had put on my dress. It was only then that I was able to fully embrace them for what they are. It is not my identity, but simply, apart of what makes me, me.


3. Weddings are not the end goal
Yes, I said it. Take it for what it is, but a wedding is only hot air if there isn’t a foundation to stand it upon; a marriage. A marriage doesn’t have a $30,000 price tag. It doesn’t demand to have all the luxuries for a day. It doesn’t require your father’s, mother’s, sister’s, or grandmother’s opinion. And, more importantly, it isn’t just about me.

*Advice: Enjoy the wedding, but begin a marriage with your spouse.

I’ll be posting pictures soon of the dress, the bridesmaids, the bachelorette party all very soon!

-Soon to be EV


April To-Dos


Dear Reader,

This month marks the half-way point for Ryan and I. Can you believe it?! In four months I will be getting married, and we still have LOTS to do before the big day! With that being said, here is my to-dos for April:

  • Book wedding night hotel room
    • This should really only be finished if you know where you’re going for your honeymoon. We have not finished our booking arrangements with our honeymoon, so this one isn’t finished just yet.
  • Order invitations
    • A few months ago I was in Half-Priced Books and stumbled across blank wedding invitations. They have the pocket sleeves, rsvp cards, envelopes, etc. I glanced at the price and my mouth dropped. $10 DOLLARS FOR FIFTY OF THESE?!?! I bought four boxes and didn’t look back. My biggest advice is to save on this part – people either throw these away or put them in a scrapbook that collects dust. I’m thrilled to have found these at such a cheap price and am glad to have saved the money.
  • Take Engagement Photos
    • Since we took ours in New York, we won’t be taking any again. But I will advise this is a place you want to invest in. While that invitation is tucked away in a binder somewhere, these pictures will be out there forever. Make sure it’s someone who is experienced and that you don’t go super cheap here.
  • Book Florist
    • My sweet soon-to-be Mother-in-law is purchasing my flowers, but I’m going to be doing a very simple, elegant style. Cabbage roses are the key here, and I’m also going to be spray painting mason jars and wine bottles gold to have a classy finish to them!

And there you have it! I’ll be posting pictures on here soon showing projects for my wedding and will include some tips and tricks!

Wedding Bells Ringing,


I will be back in May!

Dear Reader,

I know I’ve been gone for a hot minute, but there has been A LOT going on.

I’ve been going through a lot of changes, from graduating college to applying for full-time jobs, to wedding planning and home hunting.

Aside from all that, my wardrobe has diminished greatly, but I haven’t had an intimate amount of time to compile my wardrobe and show you guys, and what research I’ve been doing to get quality made garments. I do hope to share about a hidden gem I found in McKinney, TX (I was elated with joy) and what my hopes are as I finish this last part of college and enter the real world!

I will be adding my April and May To-Dos (and my DIY prints for my wedding invitations!) today, so please enjoy!

Fashion Forward,



Monthly To-Dos: January & February


Check out my Instagram for more photos of our trip to New York City!

Dear Reader,

I’m still on cloud-9 over the fact that I am ENGAGED! I can’t believe I actually get to have a marriage with my man and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. If you want to read our story I’ll be posting a link here soon (this week while I have down time over spring break) to our website.

With engagement, comes lots of time and money. People will immediately ask you: what are your colors? Do y’all have a date? Do you know where it will be? Continue reading “Monthly To-Dos: January & February”