Minimalism – Step 1: The Purge

Dear Reader,

Confession time: I have a lot of clothes. I mean, A LOT of clothes. Clothes that don’t fit anymore, clothes with holes in them from wear over time, clothes I’ve never worn or have stopped wearing (my old sorority shirts that I need to convert to a quilt!) and the list goes on.

Another confession: I’m a very messy person. Like my room looks like a battlefield, and Team Erika has lost so many times it’s morbidly embarrassing. I don’t even like my fiancé to see my room, and that’s a problem, considering we are about to share one in August (more on the wedding planning soon).

The cycle is this: clean clothes. wear them and now have dirty clothes. skip laundry (because my life is crazy). and the next thing you know you have a monster wardrobe accumulating your space. You feel guilty of not doing it, and when you attempt to clean, you feel overwhelmed. The more your laundry grows, the more overwhelmed you feel, thus the more anxiety of not doing it.

But today I have had enough.

Outside of the fact that I’m about to be someone’s wife, I also just need to get my act together because I’m also about to graduate college (THANK GOD!!) and have a job. So over the next two weeks I’m going to be writing on the purging process, where I take my clothes, and my rebuild of a minimalist wardrobe for work and leisure time. I’m going to write about ethical fashion companies ONLY, this includes resale shops (why I love Goodwill and Plato’s Closet soon).



  1. start grabbing your clothes and put them into your hampers, sorting them by color and fabric (denim, darks, lights, delicates). I put my whites and delicates together because those can easily fit in one hamper together and they can be treated similarly.
  2. As things are coming out of the dryer, START SORTING. And this part may be a difficult one, including myself, but you have to be 100% honest with yourself. YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO DRESS A FUTURE VERSION OF YOURSELF. So I’m getting rid of clothes that I wore when I was a size 8 and I’m not looking back. This is going to help you love yourself with where you are at right now rather than five years ago.
  3. Are there any clothes you can sell? Take them to your local resale shop (I’m going to Plato’s Closet) and whatever is not sold, take it to Goodwill. PLEASE DO NOT THROW YOUR CLOTHES AWAY. Here is a video (Also on Netflix) of how awful that is for the environment, and just remember that your clothes, if they have been gently used, can be worn by someone who doesn’t have a lot of money for clothes. If you even want to take it to an extremely honest reality, think of your garment as a person.
  4. Take the clothes you decided to keep and start building a wardrobe. My goal is to have one for spring and summer since it is pretty hot and humid year around in Texas. I’m also going to write a post about a work capsule soon. I’m using Un-fancy’s wardrobe planner to help me start this process. She’s a Minimalist Blogger who also lives in TX. Check out her site — she’s inspired me for my plus size capsules!

Tips for this process:

  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed (TRUST ME, you are going to feel that way), remember this: This is the last time you have to do such a giant purge. If you stick to a minimalist style, you’ll be able to live free in your room.
  • Keep your goals in mind: YOU CAN DO THIS. And remember you are doing this to love where you are now, and to find pieces made by companies that love humans like you.
  • If it’s necessary, you need to spend the day doing this. Don’t find any excuses to stop, just go until you are done. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone! But your goal is to get it done and to keep the task at hand and your goals waiting at the finish line.

I will be writing to you next week to start building a wardrobe. Leave in the comments below the styles you are wanting in your closet and send me pics of your before and afters as I’ll be posting mine.

With Love,




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