Monthly To-Dos: January & February


Check out my Instagram for more photos of our trip to New York City!

Dear Reader,

I’m still on cloud-9 over the fact that I am ENGAGED! I can’t believe I actually get to have a marriage with my man and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. If you want to read our story I’ll be posting a link here soon (this week while I have down time over spring break) to our website.

With engagement, comes lots of time and money. People will immediately ask you: what are your colors? Do y’all have a date? Do you know where it will be? Over time you’ll get those answers, and you can simply tell them “We just really wanted to enjoy this moment for a little bit before really planning anything.” And that’s what we did. We waited until we got home from New York before we started putting things together and I promise you it was so nice to be able to do that!

Below are my plans from January, and things to get a jump on if you have an 8 month engagement. I’ve been using The Knot app for mine and it has been tremendously helpful! This info will be on our website as well so check it out!


  • Pick the date and region
  • Figure out a budget
  • Choose a wedding party (Go to my Instagram and check out how I asked my bridesmaids!) 
  • Decide on colors and theme 
  • Choose a wedding planner and coordinator
  • Sign up for Pre-marital counseling (I will be making a post about the benefits of pre-marital here once we start ours!)
  • Have engagement party
  • Make engagement announcements
  • Book ceremony site
  • Book reception site
  • Make a guest list 

And there you have it! The ones I marked in bold are the ones I recommend you get done as soon as possible. I know a wedding budget can be really hard, so I downloaded The Knot app and it gave me a budget tracker so I could show my parents this is how much everything costs and I told them I would take care of Save-the-dates and invitations and would buy decorations.

This week I’ll have mine and Ryan’s website up and you can read our stories! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions for me and I’ll be happy to answer!

With Love,



Dear Reader,

At the beginning of each month I will be showing you how everything has been going with my planning, where I’m getting my things done at, and where are the best places to splurge and where to save! When each month is over I will be adding it to this post! With that said here is my February list:


  • Start wedding website
  • Order Save-the-Dates
  • Send Save-the-Dates
  • Book Photographers
  • Book videographers
  • Try on wedding dresses

The most expensive thing on this list will be your photographer (my dress was $1,500 and that’s the starting price for a lot of photographers in our area). So make an affordable choice, but remember you’ll have these forever so find a median range for quality and a lower price if you can!

With Love,



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