April To-Dos


Dear Reader,

This month marks the half-way point for Ryan and I. Can you believe it?! In four months I will be getting married, and we still have LOTS to do before the big day! With that being said, here is my to-dos for April:

  • Book wedding night hotel room
    • This should really only be finished if you know where you’re going for your honeymoon. We have not finished our booking arrangements with our honeymoon, so this one isn’t finished just yet.
  • Order invitations
    • A few months ago I was in Half-Priced Books and stumbled across blank wedding invitations. They have the pocket sleeves, rsvp cards, envelopes, etc. I glanced at the price and my mouth dropped. $10 DOLLARS FOR FIFTY OF THESE?!?! I bought four boxes and didn’t look back. My biggest advice is to save on this part – people either throw these away or put them in a scrapbook that collects dust. I’m thrilled to have found these at such a cheap price and am glad to have saved the money.
  • Take Engagement Photos
    • Since we took ours in New York, we won’t be taking any again. But I will advise this is a place you want to invest in. While that invitation is tucked away in a binder somewhere, these pictures will be out there forever. Make sure it’s someone who is experienced and that you don’t go super cheap here.
  • Book Florist
    • My sweet soon-to-be Mother-in-law is purchasing my flowers, but I’m going to be doing a very simple, elegant style. Cabbage roses are the key here, and I’m also going to be spray painting mason jars and wine bottles gold to have a classy finish to them!

And there you have it! I’ll be posting pictures on here soon showing projects for my wedding and will include some tips and tricks!

Wedding Bells Ringing,



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