Not What I Expected

Dear Reader,

It’s been three months since my last post, though it feels like a year.

Our apartment is still under construction with all the moving and then immediately jumping back into a full-time job and school. And after three solid months, today is the first weekend since we’ve been married that we don’t have anything to do.

So it wasn’t what I expected.

Marriage is better and harder than I thought it would be, but it’s a beautiful process overall. I switched jobs recently and that has been such a challenging yet rewarding experience. Our house doesn’t have a minimalist vibe whatsoever, but it’s ours, so I love it regardless.

I’m learning that while minimalism is important, it’s not the end goal. The goal is to live well with my husband and live well with our community.

I still see a huge opportunity for minimalism for plus size women, so I’m planning on documenting today’s experience. My husband and I will be putting our apartment together and possibly selling furniture. Our space is a very small two bedroom, and I hope to show you that it is possible to live well in a small space. My hope is to get all of my fall staples out and start planning outfits. Because my job setting requires business attire, that will be the bulk of my fall collection.

I’m also going to be unveiling our wedding photos today, and I am VERY excited to be able to do that!

I’m also planning on doing some fall decorating in our apartment once we tame it, so I am looking forward to today’s challenges. Pray for us — we are going to need it. 😉

Until Then,



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