Making a House a Home

Dear Reader,

I’m finally working on my Step 2- I’m learning to get over my fear of not doing something because of what other people may think, what I feel intimidated by, or what I tell myself to believe about who I am as a person. I had this conversation the other night with my sisters, and wrote in my lifestyle about it — you can read that here.


After moving into our new home, my husband and I have been able to put our home together. The themes that run through our living room is a lot of gold accents. I love the ambiance in our main area and how cozy it makes our little apartment feel. Our bedroom has a warm, but calming atmosphere with the gray and blue tones we have throughout the space. with  Here are some of the pieces I’ve decorated with in our home and where you can purchase them!

bedroomThe goals we wanted for our bedroom was to have a cool, calming space with a lot of blues and grays. Our bedroom set was a wedding present from my sweet in-laws, and we purchased the suite from Rooms to Go!

  1. Target – $1, $3, $5 section! Similar Here
  2. Target
  3. Target
  4. Rooms to go — the “” style

I wanted a living room with as much “cooling” details as possible, but include a warm touch of blacks and gold metallic throughout the space. Here’s where we got some of the pieces in our space!

  1. Target – similar hereliving-room
  2. Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  3. Target (This is the bridge where Ryan and I took engagement pictures at!)
  4. Hobby Lobby
  5. Denton Dime Store – Love this company!




As we have finished assembling our home and finally got our laptop fixed, I am ready and very excited to add Step 2 to my minimalist, plus size journey. I’ll be posting that shortly, but for now, take care, and stay cozy during these next winter weeks.

With Love,



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