Minimalism – Step 1: The Purge

Dear Reader,

Confession time: I have a lot of clothes. I mean, A LOT of clothes. Clothes that don’t fit anymore, clothes with holes in them from wear over time, clothes I’ve never worn or have stopped wearing (my old sorority shirts that I need to convert to a quilt!) and the list goes on.

Another confession: I’m a very messy person. Like my room looks like a battlefield, and Team Erika has lost so many times it’s morbidly embarrassing. I don’t even like my fiancé to see my room, and that’s a problem, considering we are about to share one in August (more on the wedding planning soon). Continue reading “Minimalism – Step 1: The Purge”


The Glory of Garments

Dear Reader,

Today is the unveiling of my blog, and while not a lot is buzzing through yet, this first post is a very important one: why write a blog about fashion (let alone plus size, ethical fashion) in the first place. I apologize for the length, but I hope you enjoy.

To arrive at where I am now, I have to back track and start at the beginning of body image for me. Continue reading “The Glory of Garments”